It was a very sad day in skateboarding when we learned last week that this latest issue of Skateboarder Magazine with Eli Reed on the cover would be the final issue. With nearly 50 years of skateboarding coverage under its belt Skateboarder has always been a pillar of our skate community and it’s captivating photography and edgy editorial will be sorely missed. We urge you to head to your local skateshop and seek out the last issue for your vaults. If you don’t live near a skateshop you can always download the issue from Skateboarder or iTunes for free. Here’s the EXTRA page from the final issue with Gilbert Crockett talking about his NYC Gonz sighting.
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From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people. (via javiera-vo)
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Lance getting inverted the other day

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@lancemountain, frontside grind, Pasadena, California. Photo by: @giovannireda #theskateboardmag127